UK Employment Law

Answer BOTH Part A and Part B.

Part A is based on UK law and should be answered with reference to UK law.

Part B should be answered using the laws of the DIFC.

The length of your submission should be no more than 1,200 words.

Part A
J has worked for the last three years for ABC Ltd ( ‘ABC’) as a medical products motorcycle courier in the UK. He has a written agreement with ABC entitled ‘Self-employed courier’s agreement’. He uses his own bike but ABC pays the cost of his fuel and the insurance he requires as a courier. The company deducts income tax and national insurance from his wages. He receives no company sick pay if he is ill. He is expected to report for work every day to the company office where he is given work for the day. His agreement states that he may work for other courier companies as well but John knows of other couriers who were dismissed by ABC for doing this. There is also a term in his agreement which states that if he is unable to attend work he may arrange for someone to replace him, though the replacement must come from a list of names kept by ABC.

With reference to relevant case law advise whether J has the status of an employee for UK employment law purposes.

Part B
Zara has been employed as a Manager by an accounting firm in the DIFC for the past 4 years and 6 months. Zara was very excited to tell her colleagues and boss that she is expecting a baby in 6 months’ time.
Zara is told she may not attend any antenatal appointments during working hours, that she may take a maximum of 45 days maternity leave for which she will be paid 50% of her wage, and that upon her return she will be demoted to Associate since she will be too distracted by her new baby to do the job of a manager.

Advise as to Zara’s rights and obligations under DIFC law.

Attached files:
– Attached are the presentations for part A of the questions. Unit 1.5 presentation contains most of the information for the part A of questions. Please use the case law mentioned in the presentation of Unit 1.5.
– Attached presentation for part B of the assignment. The “DWF- DIFC Employment Law” presentation has all the information with the explanation. The other attachment is DIFC Employment law. It can be used as a support document.
Please keep it confidential thanks.

The content for the sources should not compromise the 1200 body text.



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