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Now that we have spent time focusing on the tactics, techniques, and tools of media relations practitioners, it is time to show what you know … this is your chance to share your strategic thinking about media relations and create a comprehensive public relations plan focused on traditional and social media relations.

Create a full media relations plan, including all of the components covered in class: e.g., research, coverage, trend analysis, primary and secondary contact strategy, pitch/story angle to be utilized in seeking meaningful coverage, and measurement. Other key elements in determining the grade will be references to texts and discussions, additional research, specific media relations techniques and tools to be used, the completeness of the proposed tactics, your understanding of the evolution of media relations, and measurable objectives and evaluation criteria. Consider all publics and the best channels to reach them. Remember all the tools in your PR “toolbox” in developing your strategy.

Be creative and provide examples of what you would do for the client wherever you can. Provide details wherever possible. Avoid broad generalizations about your strategic approach. What is your recommendation and why? Remember this will count for a large portion of your class grade. Take advantage of this paper to show what you have learned in the course and how you would apply it for your client. This is the kind of project that can easily become a portfolio piece for you to show to future employers. Finally, have fun with this. This is a chance for you to be strategic and creative.

It is strongly encouraged that plans include the following:

  • Research on the approved client and the issue to be resolved
  • SWOT analysis of the company
  • Description and prioritization of publics
  • Goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics
  • Timeline for plan
  • Abstract budget for plan
  • Communication channels used to reach stakeholders
  • Tools used to measure success—how will you know you achieved your goal?



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