Tropical Rain Forest

1) About 99% of all liquid fresh water on Earth is found in:

A) lakes, including the Great Lakes of North America.

B) rivers such as the Amazon, Nile, and Mississippi watersheds.

C) underground aquifers.

D) the upper few meters of topsoil.

2) Which one of the following is fed by groundwater and often drained by seeps or springs?

A) lakes

B) aquifers

C) rivers

D) watersheds

3) In Costa Rica, a heavy downpour provides water that quickly evaporates or is absorbed and released by the dense vegetation of the tropical rain forest. This is an example of a cycle using:

A) condensation, evaporation, transpiration, and green water.

B) condensation, precipitation, and gravitational water.

C) evaporation, gravitational flow, and adiabatic cooling.

D) precipitation, gravitational flow, and convection.

4) Which of the following is NOT a principal loop in the hydrologic cycle?

A) evapotranspiration loop

B) precipitation loop

C) surface runoff loop

D) groundwater loop

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