Tropical Areas

1) Which one of the following soil orders is the most typical of drylands and deserts?

A) alfisols

B) oxisols

C) mollisols

D) aridisols

2) A hydric soil is one that:

A) is typical of wetlands and may contain peat.

B) is unusually well suited for agriculture.

C) is typical of tropical areas that receive abundant rainfall.

D) was typical of the U.S. prairie states until the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

3) Which of the following would be best suited for planting crops such as corn or wheat?

A) an irrigated aridisol

B) a fertilized alfisol

C) a plowed oxisol

D) an irrigated gelisol

4) Most plants acquire their minerals from:

A) the recycling of nutrients from detritus.

B) the precipitation of minerals from rainfall.

C) the weathering of rock.

D) dust storms that transport minerals into a region.

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