Transformative Approaches

For this assignment you are to create the Annotated Bibliography outlined in your Learning Contract (re-read the Learning Contract) listing 8-10 scholarly resources that provide the “evidence” to support your Capstone tasks and measures.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is composed of a list of citations to articles, books, documents and other media. Each citation is followed by a brief annotation, or descriptive and evaluative paragraph, that summarizes, clarifies and critiques the content, its relevance, accuracy, and usefulness for a particular purpose (i.e., a particular research project, thesis, paper, etc.). The summary at the end should give an overview of the synthesis of your annotations in relationship to your Capstone project topic.

The annotation should NOT be copied and pasted from the source or the abstract, or include quoted material. You must read the entire reference item and synthesize its contents.

It should also NOT be a paraphrased summary of the abstract. Discuss the article as it relates to your Capstone project.

Do not critique it for reliability and validity as peer-reviewed/scholarly articles are assumed to be reliable.

Thoroughly search the literature to find a variety of peer-reviewed, evidence-based sources applicable to your topic area. Consult a SPC librarian or your facilitator if you have difficulty locating applicable source material.

Use the following format for your Annotated Bibliography:

Begin your Annotated Bibliography with a Title that is reflective of the contents. For instance: Annotated Bibliography of Evidence Based Practices for Patient Satisfaction

  • Each entry/article in your bibliography and needs to contain a:

full 7th APA-style reference citation for the source (alphabetized as you would on a regular References page). **Note**: References need to be properly formatted using the APA 7th Basics. Improperly formatted references may result in a 10 point penalty.

5-6 sentence annotation that provides a summary of that source i.e., main points, author’s hypothesis/evidence to support their points, etc.) and

3-4 sentence critique of its relevance and usefulness (i.e., …provides excellent background information on the topic; the information is very basic and somewhat outdated; etc.).

  • At the end of the document, after completing the annotations for each individual article, conclude the whole bibliography with a 200-300 word summary of the information you found (or gaps in the literature) and an indication of who might find the sources useful (i.e., these sources give relevant historical background on the development of evidence based practices for patient satisfaction for hospital administrators; many new ideas and evidence based practices were illustrated in the sources which provide useful material for completing a project related to the topic; several of the sources provided alternative interpretation of the information which provided new ideas, but also created a lack of consensus on which practices are most appropriately applied across populations, etc.).

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