Transformational Leadership


  • Read the Powerpoint slides for Consistency and Transformational Leadership posted on Blackboard.  Pay particular attention to the slides for Transformational Leadership
  • Write the following paper:

Select one of the following historic figures:  Martin Luther King, Jr., Mohatma Ghandi, Clara Barton, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, Sojourner Truth.

After doing a little research on the person you have chosen, write an argumentative essay that uses elements of Transformational Leadership theory to explain why your person was a transformational leader. 

Your paper should be three pages in length, single-spaced in 12 point font, with double spaces between paragraphs. Remember that you are making the case that your historic figure was a transformational leader by applying the principles of transformational theory and using examples and illustrations from the career of your person to demonstrate how they exemplified those principles.

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