Transfer Tax

Question 1

1. A buyer purchases a house for $360,000. He puts down $60,000 and assumes the existing loan of $300,000. How much documentary transfer tax is due? Use the formula from the textbook.

2. If the seller of the subject property has paid both the 1st and 2nd installments of the property taxes for a total annual bill of $5,290, what is the proration of property taxes for both seller and buyer if escrow closes on June 1?

Show your calculations

Question 2

Talk about how McDonalds is not just a restaurant its actually one of the top commercial Real Estates in the world. this is for a real estate class. make sure to cover important points about their Real estate business, how did they become the best? hidden facts about it? basically anything related to real estate side. the paper should be 2 pages

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