Toyota case analysis

Analyze the Toyota company. Please mainly talk about point 1-4, 

1,talk about the company background and history. 

2, talk about the production history.

3, Analyze the business segments. 

4, Talk about the production system(such as kaizen, jIT, Iidoka) Please tie the points above into the question below: What are this major competitor’s mission and vision? What are its strategies and do they vary by geographic region? How do they differ or compare to their competitors – worldwide and regional? Is your company more successful in some regions and why? What are the threats due to regional weakness or competitors’ strengths and could it spread globally?
Analyze the Governance, especially leadership and culture of your major competitor. Has management been particularly stable or unstable? Have the executives and BOD helped or hindered financial performance and industry position? Have the respective managements’ of the competitors helped or hindered financial performances and positions? What are the differences and why? 
Over the past ten years, what have been the industry’s environmental, business dynamics?



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