Tipping Point

Question 1

The concept of tipping points is well established in climate science and some examples include the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, the thawing of Arctic permafrost and the slowdown of the global ocean conveyor belt that transports heat around the globe – called thermohaline circulation.

But while scientists are confident that tipping points exist in theory, predicting when they might occur is far more difficult.

The global warming tipping point is believed to be when CO2 in the atmosphere reaches 400 parts per million. Current concentration of atmospheric COis at 392 parts per million.

For the past ten years (2005 – 2014), the average annual rate of increase of atmospheric COis 2.11 parts per million. (This rate of increase is more than double the increase in the 1960s).

Write a program that predicts when the global warming tipping point will be reached.

Question 2

Case Study Questions:

Summarise the current position of the Huawei brand in Australia.

  •  Macro and micro analyses- only address issues relevant to branding
  •  Segmentation and positioning analysis
  •  How can Huawei further develop its brand s in Australia?
  •  What positioning approach should Huawei take given how it is perceived by Australian consumers (compare with Chinese consumers) and its target market?
  •  What promotional strategies and actions would you recommend? Provide detailed integrated marketing communications recommendations

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