Threat Assessment

As the owner of a newly established protection specialist company, you are thrilled to receive your first client. A local, high-profile protectee hired you after she and her corporation experienced an alarming threat. The protectee wants to be sure she understands your role and your services to ensure her safety, the safety of her company, and the safety of her family. She understands your role is different from that of a bodyguard, but she would like to know more about the purpose of executive protection.

Write a 2- to 3-page summary in Microsoft® Word in which you discuss the primary and secondary purposes of an executive protection detail.

Include the following in your explanation:

  • The importance of risk and threat assessment
  • The role of strategic and tactical intelligence
  • Common mistakes made on executive protection missions and how the protectee can help avoid those mistakes
  • An example of a real-world event involving a bombing, kidnapping, or terrorism act which occurred in the past 20 years
    • Explain how executive protection could be a benefit to the protectee’s corporation or an individual protectee in this situation.
    • Include intelligence data points needed to establish an assessment for a protective framework in this situation.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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