Thermal Pollution

1) Which of the following would be classified as “soil constraints”?

A) cold climate

B) moderate to heavy rainfall

C) poor drainage, salinity and high levels of aluminum

D) low erosion potential and high levels of phosphorus

2) One of the general concerns about the widespread use of transgenic organisms is the:

A) spread of these transgenic traits to other organisms.

B) need to apply more pesticides to crops and plow the soil twice a year.

C) reduced yields that result from using bioengineered organisms.

D) pressure to bring more land into agricultural production.

3) ______________ is the lack of essential nutrients, such as specific amino acids, vitamins and

 minerals, and can occur in people who eat nutritionally bad diets even if they have other food


A) Malnutrition

B) Undernourishment

C) Overnourishment

D) Hunger

4) _________________ is a sedimentary material containing bitument, an extremely viscous,

 tarlike hydrocarbon.

A) Oil sand

B) Oil shale

C) Shale gas

D) Fracking

5) Which one of the following is a waste heat energy discharged into natural waterways?

A) thermal pollution

B) condenser

C) conversion

D) none of the above

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