Theories of Personality

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Choose one of the following topics and create a PowerPoint slide. There should be a minimum of 12 slides (excluding title and references)

  • Topic 1: Choose a children’s book/story.
    • Identify characters in the book that represent psychoanalytic theory
    • Identify characters in the book that represent Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious and identify archetypes in these stories.
    • Please provide a the title of the book or story and give a brief summary making sure you are describing the characters as you’re identifying the characters (in case I am not familiar with the story).You’ll need to compare Freud’s psychoanalytic theory to Jung’s psychoanalytic theory when identifying these characters.
    • Please make sure to be thorough and give examples to support your statements.
  • Topic 2: B.F. Skinner wrote Walden Two in 1948 about a Utopian society that was based on behavioral principles. Walden Two is controversial because it includes a rejection of free will. Walden Two embraces the proposition that the behavior of organisms, including humans, is determined by genetic and environmental variables, and that systematically altering environmental variables can generate a sociocultural system that very closely approximates utopia. I want you to pretend that you are a psychologist who is recruited for the sole purpose of designing a utopian society on the planet Mars (so you get to start from scratch). Thinking back towards all of the different theories we have covered in class thus far, please describe the utopian society you would develop.You must mention what theory you would base your society on, provide support for why this theory would be the best for a utopian society (including any challenges you might face) and include how your theory would address the concept of free will (or if you are using strictly behavioral principles, how it denies the usefulness of free will).
  • Topic 3: You will choose an interesting person (living or dead politician, movie star, musician, author, etc.) to analyze from one of the theories of personality that have been covered in the course (see syllabus). You cannot pick a person that has already been analyzed in your textbook. The only requirement is that there must be sufficient information available about this person’s life for you to adequately complete the assignment. Also, be sure to choose someone you know and truly find interesting. Base your presentation on a published biographical or autobiographical book, in addition to the text. Be detailed in your discussion of how theoretical concepts apply. There is no need to explain the theoretical concepts (you may presume that the audience knows the theories). Instead, focus on how the theoretical concepts apply to the chosen famous personality to demonstrate that you understand the theories well enough to apply them appropriately, with insight. For example, you will analyze this person from Freudian perspective: What do you know about his or her childhood that would be of interest to a psychoanalyst? Does this person seem to be fixated at any stage? What are his or her personal relationships like? What conclusions can you draw? You do not have to believe every part of your analysis, but it must reflect the facts of the individual’s life and the theory you are using.



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