Theories of International Relations

In this assignment you will be expected to argue the merits of a particular theory of international relations (i.e. neorealism, neoliberalist institutionalism, Marxism, social constructivism, post-structuralism, post-colonialism, feminism) in terms of how it contributes to our understanding of one of the following themes in global politics:

• The causes of war

• The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

• The impetus for terrorism

• The dynamics of international migration

• The structure of the global political economy

• The function of international organizations

• The economic disparities between the Global North and the Global South

• The authority of international law

• The international response to climate change

• The role of human rights in the practice of international relations

• The rationale for humanitarian intervention Your essay should draw on empirical evidence to support its claims, such as relevant case studies. You should also engage (albeit succinctly) with competing theories of international relations in order demonstrate how the theory you have selected improves upon alternative arguments. You may cite the course textbook to support your arguments, but you will also be expected to refer to additional sources. 

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