Theoretical Concepts

For this task, you are to locate a recent peer-reviewed journal article (within the last two years) that discusses a study that addresses an issue related to multiculturalism. For example, a research team examines the effects of immigration on adolescents who speak no English.

After reading through the article first, review it critically specifically for the research methods employed. 

The critique will address:

Statement of the Research Problem: What exactly was the problem being researched?

Summary of the theoretical concepts used: Was the study original? Was it based on previous research? Was it intended to expand, disapprove, validate previously reported models, concepts or studies?

Methods used: What method did the researchers use? For example, did it propose a model? What was the hypothesis? How did the researchers propose to test it? What type of research design was used? Were there any flaws? How were study participants selected? Was it a reasonable sample for the project?

Data Analysis: Summarize the findings (the presentation of the data). Were there any variables that could have been tested, added, eliminated, etc.?

Discussion and conclusions: Does the researchers discussion and conclusion section flow logically from the research design? That is, was the selected research method the best approach to use to study the issue/problem? What were the limitations? Do you agree? Were there any additional limitations that you noted? 

Recommendations: If you were to do a follow-up study on this same topic, what methodology would you use? What would your research question be? 

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