Theodicy Problem

Question 1

Compare and contrast the fundamental beliefs of the 5 major world religions discussed during the course namely, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

Examine and describe the social impact of these 5 religions in Singapore. Analyse and identify some of the critical approaches adopted in their practices towards religious sensitivity in the country. (800 words)

Question 2

What is the best answer to the theodicy problem? Is it sufficient? Do you think that the existence of the Divine can be proven or disproven? Why or why not? 75-100 words.

Question 3

People carry their religious beliefs when they migrate. Over time, changes occur in the regions from which most U.S. immigrants originate and in the U.S. regions where they settle. How has this distribution of U.S. religious groups been affected by these changes?

Be academic. Do not use any source.

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