Themes and Emotions

This is the teacher’s requirements:

You will choose four (4) words from a provided list of themes and emotions and construct a Prezi or Google Slides presentation of your analysis of these ideas. Your project will include the inserted video clips (not just the link) and your analysis. I require Prezi or Google Slides so that I don’t have to download the clips to my computer and so that you have less trouble linking the clips into your presentation. (Please, no sexual, graphic, or extremely violent content.)

From the following list of themes and emotions, you will select four (4) words to analyze their expression through film music.

  • Themes: redemption, birth, reunion, miracles, obedience, forgiveness, faith, hope, humility, overcoming, death, rescue, war/battle, love, defeat, jealousy, aliens, confession, compassion, courage, decision, despair, endurance, dreams, animals, justice, travel
  • Emotions: love, joy, hate, sadness, sadness specifically involving death, happiness, fear, loneliness, peacefulness, nostalgia

Pick three themes and one emotion to form your group of four words.

For the first 3 words you will find 3 film clips (each clip being from a different composer and different film) and analyze how that particular composers expresses these emotions through the music. – This part is a total of 9 clips.

Example: First Word: Confession (Pick 3 films that show a scene with someone confessing something) You can use any clip or composer you want – it doesn’t have to be from the films we watched in this course.

Clip 1: Film 1, Composer: Williams

Clip 2: Film 2, Composer: Zimmer

Clip 3: Film 3, Composer: Steiner

For your next two words pick different composers and different films than you did in the first example to show a greater depth of knowledge!

For one word you will pick 3 clips from the same composer (3 different movies) and analyze any patterns, similarities, or differences that you observe. This part has a total of 3 clips.

Example: Fourth Word: Peacefulness

Clip 1: Film 1 (Ex. Emma), Composer: Portman

Clip 2: Film 2 (Ex. Chocolat), Composer: Portman

Clip 3, Film 3, (Ex. Mona Lisa’s Smile),Composer: Portman

Create a Prezi or Google Docs presentation with the clips embedded in the project. You will loose points if it is just the link.

Also in the presentation provide bullet points with the following information under each clip:

Name of the Film
 Composer & Director
 Communicate (with the vocabulary learned from this course) why this scene was so effective, and/or the mechanics of the music that helped to create this scene. – Include an analysis of the instruments used, moods, tempos, tonality, melody, etc.
 Also, for each word give a short overview of what you discovered were similarities or difference with the scenes or what you learned about how this idea can be depicted in in music. (One extra box or circle). You might also include why you picked the word or what you learned about studying this idea through film.

You will have a total of 12 clips for this project.

Don’t use soundtrack clips or trailers! You want to find actually scene with music written or chosen from that particular idea. You will be deducted points if you use them.

To submit this assignment you need to do two things. 1. Attach a word document with a list of your films under each word. – You will lose 10 pts without this document.



Close Encounters, Score John Williams

2. Please copy and paste the link to your prezi project at the top of this word document. You do not need to upload a .pdf or .zip file! Those do not open well on Canvas.

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