Thematic Map


Choose any World Heritage Site *within the United States* (EXCEPT for Yosemite –

please do not choose that site) and write 3 pages about it including *where* it is,

why it is important, etc.


The body of the paper must be 3 FULL PAGES OF WRITING (double-spaced) PLUS a

map, photo, and references. (So it will be approximately 5 pages in total).

Be sure to include the following:

● A summary of the site

● WHERE it is located (name of country and where it’s located within the country)

● Why it is a World Heritage Site

Spelling and grammar count for part of the grade. You should have a logical introductory

paragraph and conclusion paragraph.


You must include a thematic map related to your topic. A thematic map will show the

topic you are researching and where it is located within the United States. The map will

most likely be found on one of the websites you used for research or you can do a

Google Images search for one.

For example, if you are writing about Mesa Verde National Park, find a map that shows

where the site is located within Colorado. Do not provide a general/political map of the

country. Instead, use Google Images or some other way to find a map that illustrates

your specific site. You may choose to include a site map of the park.

Be sure to put a title/description and citation information (web address, date you visited

the website) just below the image.


Find a photo of the site. Be sure to include photo credits (who took it, where you found

it, etc.) Cite the source and date retrieved just below the photo.


Ancestral Puebloan archaeological sites at Mesa Verde National


Include a list of references (you need at least two) at the end of your document on a

separate references page. Also, cite any direct quotes or source material (including

websites) within the text of your paper in proper format. References should follow this

format. Include the date you visited the website (retrieved on date).

Example of a periodical reference:

Kanfer, F. H., & Busemeyer, J. R. (1982). The use of problem-solving and decision-

making in behavior therapy. Clinical Psychology Review, 2, 239-266.

Example of an online document reference:

Van Wagner, K. (2006). Guide to APA format. About Psychology.

DO NOT use Wikipedia as a text source!! It is editable by anyone, and thereforenot a reliable primary source. It is ok to use an image from Wikipedia as long as the copyright allows for the use of it.


A word about plagiarism: Plagiarism is submitting un-original work such as copied from another student or source. This assignment will be automatically submitting to which is an external site that checks for copied work. It checks previously submitted student work and all other sources (such as websites).

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