The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is a way of thinking about entities that we can perceive through current technology, mathematics, and/or the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.  It has five steps: (1) Wonder: Pose a question about an issue; (2) Present a hypothesis , a possible answer to the question about the issue; (3) Test the hypothesis inductively , through observable phenomena : facts, eye-witness testimonials, and other evidence to determine if the hypothesis is valid, or true; (4)  Accept the hypothesis as valid or not valid according to what you learn in Step 3; (5) Act accordingly in regard to the hypothesis: you accept it as valid or not valid.


1.  On the Internet, research who Angela (Geli) Raubal was, and in a minimum of 1,000 words (4 pages), use the Scientific Method to determine if Adolf Hitler, Geli’s uncle, murdered her. 


1.  Question:  Did Hitler murder his niece Geli?

2.  Hypothesis: Hitler murdered Geli.

3.  Test the Hypothesis Inductively by Asking/Answering Questions: Find out all information about Hitler and Geli.  Whose daughter was she; when did she meet her uncle; why did she move into an apartment with him, and were they the only two occupants of the apartment; is there any verifiable evidence about what kind of relationship they had; how did Nazi officials regard the relationship–positively or negatively; what happened before and after Geli died–what did Hitler and Geli say and do; was there evidence that Geli was suicidal; how was the investigation into Geli’s death handled; which police officer(s) handled the investigation; how did Geli’s other family members react to her death; how did Hitler react to Geli’s death?

4.  Accept the Hypothesis As Valid or Not Valid:  There is no evidence/considerable evidence that Hitler murdered Geli OR … ?

5.  Act Accordingly: I conclude that Hitler’s first victim may have been Geli OR there is no conclusive evidence that Hitler murdered Geli OR … ?

3.  Respond to four peers’ postings by 11:59 PM on Friday during Week 2; evaluate their thought process, if they used inductive reasoning correctly: to engage in a discovery process regarding whether or not Hitler murdered Geli.  Do NOT begin responding to peer’s work on Friday–begin responding at the beginning of the week, so you can engage in a discussion.  Write a minimum of 125 words (a half-page) in each of your responses, for a total of 500 words.

4.  If someone responds to your posting, respond.



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