The Queue Program

A small grocery store has one checkout.You have been asked to write a program to simulate the grocery store as it checks out customers.YOU ARE REQUIRED TO USE A QUEUE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM.The queue program ( is located on the Instructor drive.Here are some guidelines:

  1. A customer gets to the checkout every 1 – 5 minutes
  2. The checker can process one customer every 5 – 15 minutes (depends on how many groceries customer has)
  3. The program should find the average wait time for customers and the number of customers left in the queue
  4. Use the random number generator to get values for when customers get to the checkout and how long the checker will take.
  5. You are not required to use classes, but it might make things easier

Extra Credit: 10 points

Add another checkout.This one should be an express lane in which customers with 15 or less items can use it.Modify the original program so that it now has 2 queues, one for the regular checkout and one for the express checkout.Express customers arrive at the checkout every 1-2 minutes.The express checker can process a customer every 2-4 minutes.

You will need to figure out how to determine if the customer is express or not.

The program should print out the same as above plus average wait time for express customers and number of express customers still in the queue.

You must turn in both programs separately if you do the extra credit.

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