The Marketing Management

Please read the case study titled “Allstar Brands Medicine Group” and answer the below questions: 


Business definition: Who do you want to serve and why? Be sure to include customers/segments to be targeted and customer needs satisfied. What is the rationale for these choices (e.g., segment attractiveness, market gaps, fit with resources, synergies)?

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage: What competitors will you compete against and how?

Performance Objectives

Performance objectives: What are your firm’s performance goals (e.g., cumulative profit, stock price, market share, intermediary metrics)?

Key Success Factors

Key success factors: What is required of your firm to execute this strategy successfully (e.g., product development, outspend competition, first in market)?


James, S., Kinnear, T., & Deighan, M. (2014). PharmaSim – The Marketing Management   

    Simulation. Charlottesville, VA: Interpretive Simulations, Inc.

Winer, R. & Dhar, R. (2016). Marketing Management, 4th Edition. [BryteWave].   

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