The Cold War

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1-The Cold War was a period of time where the United States and Russia were competing on so many different levels. These two superpowers were competing in all things; technological advances, politically, and even in sports. Tensions were extremely high between the two countries because they were trying to show their dominance over the other. Personally, I feel that another Cold War period is definitely possible because of the egos of those who run these countries. I believe that having leaders with big egos can result in prides being bruised over the slightest thing and then resulting in disputes to prove who’s country is better than the other. Another reason why another Cold War period can occur is the ending of the previous one. The Cold War ended with the USSR falling into bankruptcy and thus dissolving and ending the stand off between the two countries. Now, Russia is being rebuilt to the powerful country it once was under the leadership of Vladimir Putin. As the country is being rebuilt, so is the pride it has of it self (nationalism). This pride can result in the country wanting to prove itself once again against the United States. That is why I think that another Cold War period is definitely possible.

2-I do not believe that the United States of America and the Russian Federation will enter another Cold War period. I believe that both nations know of the potential risk that such a conflict could pose for both nations and the world in general. The cold war contributed to the end of the Russian Soviet Union and led to nuclear weapons being moved extremely close to the United States main land. These are both outcomes each nation would do its best to avoid. The United States and Russia do not appear to be doing many of the things that they were leading up to and during the cold war. For example, the cold war followed a major conflict in World War II, such a conflict does not exist at the moment. Neither nation is attempting to build up its nuclear arsenal and neither is attempting to greatly expand its influence around the world to the same extent that they were during the cold war. While both nations obviously have spies around the world, they are not trying to violently over throw government to the same extent either. I believe both nations know the risk another cold war would have on both of them and would try to avoid another cold war. The US and China however may be another story…

3-Yes I believe that a Cold war between the two countries is possible. In fact we may be in the middle of one right now. Both countries do not seem to agree on any issue which I believe is because they want to prove their superiority of the other and make a name as the most power nation on the earth. In the Syrian war both sides are on opposite ends, Russia is pro government while USA wants Assad to be removed. On the domestic front, Russia has been accused of meddling in the US presidential election. Their hackers were said to be pro Trump and went after the Democratic Party. It is reported that Russian backed content had reached about 126 million Americans on Facebook, (Solon, 2017). This kind of activity was also reported by Twitter and Google. This is an example of indirectly interfering in another country to make the environment suitable for Russia, although it is not clear how Trump’s Presidency would benefit Russia. Recently President Trump decided to pull out of the 31 year nuclear weapons agreement with Russia which was able to preserve peace during the Cold war. This treaty had forced the superpowers to eliminate more than 2,600 missiles because of their power to destabilize the region. Now President Trump is believed to fund the development of the missile to show their power, (Hennigan, 2018). This will certainly lead to a new kind of tension and competition between the two countries similar to the Cold War. The two countries are presenting opposing views most of the time and America’s sanctions against Russia will only make things worse. Cooperation between them on world issues seems to be difficult.

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