The Business of Sports

After watching the three Olympic Games videos and reviewing all materials covered in the weekly folders you are to answer the following questions in detail:

Barcelona Totally Transformed By Hosting 1992 Olympic Games

Rising Cost of Olympics Begs Question of Why Host the Games

Where will you be in 2028?

  1. As the costs of hosting the Olympics soar, what are the benefits and pitfalls for a city to host an Olympics? Identify and explain three major costs.
  • What are the three most important lessons learned from the 1992 Barcelona Games that host cities need to consider when biding for the event?
  • In your opinion is it realistic for Los Angeles to host the Olympic Games in 2028? Why or why not?
  • Why is corporate sponsorship important to the success of the Olympic Games?
  • Do you think it is ethical for the Olympics to be used as a means of corporate marketing? Why or why not?

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