Test Statistics


The average take-out order size for Ashoka Curry House restaurant is shown. Assuming equal variances, at α = .05, is there a significant difference in   the order sizes?

(a) State the hypotheses.

(b) State the decision rule and sketch it.

(c) Find the test statistic.

(d) Make a decision.

(e) Use Excel to   find the p-value and interpret it. Customer Order Size Statistic Friday Night Saturday Night Mean order size . x1 = 22.32 . x2 = 25.56 Standard deviation s1 = 4.35 s2 = 6.16 Number of orders n1 = 13 n2 = 18     


A manufacturer of salad dressings uses machines to dispense liquid ingredients into bottles that move along a filling line. The machine that dispenses dressings is working properly when the mean amount dispensed is 330ml. The population standard deviation of the amount dispensed is 4ml. A sample of 50 bottles is selected periodically, and the filling line is stopped if there is evidence that the mean amount dispensed is different from 330ml. Suppose that the mean amount dispensed in a particular sample of 50 bottles is 329.7ml. Is there evidence that the population mean amount is different from 330ml?(use a 0.05 level of significance)

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