Tenacity and Intuition

Question 1

1. Are there any evidence of tenacity, intuition, authority and rationalism in the HIV/AIDS debate?

2. In empiricism the scientist will argue “I won’t believe it until I see it”. What is wrong with this approach? Refer to the article “The Aids Gate” by Davis.

3. Why is the position of falsification a better scientific approach to answer the question HIV=AIDS? You will find an extensive discussion of this topic in the article “Duesberg’s dismal failure”

4. Has the Ex Post Facto nature of HIV/AIDS research contributed to the controversy around the phenomenon?

Question 2

Write a brief essay on the relationship between the ideas of Justice, Morality and Religion (for this purpose, you may select any religion of your choice).

Your answer should reflect the influence of the idea of justice on the other two and how all three cross-fertilize each other.

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