Technological Impact

In Parts A and B, respond to each question using complete sentences in a paragraph of at least 100 words.

Be clear, concise, and explain your answers. Cite any outside sources consistent with APA guidelines.

In Part C, respond to each of the statements with a specific example or an explanation and use complete sentences, as needed.

Part A: Historical and contemporary role of the print media industry

Choose one of the following two topics: The feminist movement (women’s liberation) or public education.

Answer the following questions about the relationship between your topic, the print media industry, and American society. Provide specific examples and cite at least three professional publications or articles.

  • How has the print media industry historically treated your selected topic (feminism or public education)? How does the print media industry treat that topic today?
  • How has the print media industry helped drive improvements and public awareness of your selected topic? Has the media perpetuated any drawbacks, controversies, or scandals surrounding this topic?
  • What role has the print media industry played throughout the history of this topic? Do you think the current role of print media is the same as it was in the 1800’s and 1900’s? Why or why not?

Part B: The influence of new technology on the print media industry

For each print media industry—books, newspapers, and magazines—answer the following questions:

  • How has the development of the Internet, wireless communication, computers, and hand-held digital devices affected print media companies’ products and sales?
  • What changes have print media companies made to incorporate new technology into their traditional products? Have these changes been successful or unsuccessful? Why?
  • How have consumers reacted to these changes?

Part C: Major publications in the print media industry

How many total publications are sold annually in each print media industry?
What are the major ownership chains in each print media industry?
List three major publications in each print media industry.
For each of the three major publications you listed, identify the target audience.
For each of the three major publications you listed, describe the unique writing style. What makes each publication stand out in the marketplace?
For each of the three major publications you listed, describe the publishing trends.How is each publication changing in response to today’s cultural, political, or technological climate?

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