Technical Literature

Question 1

You can prepare one critical review of published literature during the semester. The purpose of the review is to give you experience in reading, evaluating, and incorporating technical literature into your knowledge base. Although you must prepare a summary of the material read, emphasis must be placed on your evaluation of the literature:

1. How the information aligns with what you already know.

2. How the new information impacts your outlook.

3. The significance of the information to your knowledge base.

Also include in the review why you selected the particular article. Identify the article reviewed using a consistent citation format.

Your review should be 2-3 pages of 12-pt double-spaced text with 1″-margins. You must submit a hardcopy of the review by the due date indicated below. As this assignment gives you an opportunity to generate some extra credit, late submissions will not be accepted.

Question 2

For your reflective discussion this week, write a brief summary of your assessment of your risk for CVD: Without giving any information that you do not wish to share—such as actual values–summarize your current risk factors toward CVD. After reading the text units for this week, the provided links and through the results of your own DA, what foods do you believe prevent/delay the onset of CVD? What foods do you eat that might put you at risk? Do you know your blood lipid levels as discussed in your text—primarily cholesterol? Why would knowing these levels be important NOW at your young age?

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