Technical Components

Question 1

Case study topic: “The Internet of Things: Are you ready for what’s coming”

  • a two-page business memo that recommends a similar Internet of Things-based application for a business of your choosing
  • 1. Introduction – Discuss why you are writing the memo (which should be addressed to the CEO of the company you chose)
  • 2. Description – Describe the application you are recommending. What type of device will you use? What type of data will your application be collecting? How will the customer or business use the data? In general, describe the technical components of the application.
    3. Business Value – Describe how the application will allow the company to make money, improve its service, reduce its costs, or otherwise provide value for the company and its customers.
    4. Plan for making it happen – What companies should be involved in this initiative? What is the high-level project plan – high level schedule and milestones, key deliverables, etc.
    5. Conclusion and overall Recommendation
  • Each subdivision should be minimum of 250 words and properly cited using APA format

Question 2

All questions can be answered in relation to a jurisdiction with which you are familiar.

Question The principles-based and rules-based approaches to regulation each have a significant practical impact for the compliance function and those who work within it. The practical impact of these different approaches is complicated further under the outcomes-based approach that has recently been instigated by regulators such as Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Part 1Explain what is meant by each of the three regulatory approaches referred to in the above statement.    (15 marks)

Part 2With reference to a regulated firm operating in a sector of your choice in Malaysia:a) compare and contrast the practical impact of each of the three approaches for the compliance function, providing appropriate supporting examples    (70 marks)b) identify and explain what aspects the regulator would focus onto assess adherence to regulatory requirements for each of the three approaches within the regulated firm.    (15 marks)

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