Team Dynamics


The Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 50% of online users with a college diploma used Wikipedia to find information. They concluded that college students, and the “well educated,” were more likely to use Wikipedia that those with only a high school diploma. Furthermore, Head and Eisenberg (2010) found over 59% of college students view Wikipedia as having current, up-to-date entries that are more credible than other websites. 
**Your response should be at least 450 words

1. What are the benefits of using Wikipedia?

2. What are the issues with using Wikipedia? 

3, Should college students be allowed to cite Wikipedia as a credible source? Explain your stance.


 Discuss the team dynamics for a highly effective or ineffective team of which you were a member. Can you explain why the team performed so well or so poorly? 

250 words, APA format atleast 2 references



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