Tax System Design

Question 1

Examine the potential role of hypothecated taxes by identifying one type of hypothecated tax in the United Kingdom and another in a country of your choice. Critically analyze and compare the purpose, function and administration of the hypothecated taxes in both countries. As part of your analysis, you should consider whether your chosen hypothecated taxes comply with the characteristics of a desirable tax system, and how. Aim of the assignment.

Question 2

Historians have disagreed about the popularity of the Nazi regime 1933-39. What is your view about the extent to which Nazi political dominance 1933-39 depended on their popularity with ordinary Germans?

Question 3

You are required to create a new product/service that will be beneficial to the society. Please provide your business model to support your endorsement for your new product/service. You are required to use the business concept taught in class.

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