Takeover Process

1) Provide a summary, in your own words, of Corporations Act s708 in relation to disclosure documents.  Why in your opinion would a disclosure document not be required in the circumstances outlined under s708.  Ensure you note the specific disclosure documents that any exemptions would apply to.

Response limited to 40 lines

2) Provide details of what the general and specific content requirements are for a prospectus and how this information assists consumers.  Also provide details of what defences (all to be covered) preparers of prospectuses may be able to utilise in relation to defective content. 

3) Provide details of what insider trading is.  Why is it prohibited? What is inside information? What are the exemptions.  Provide details of an insider trading case (can be Australian and domestic) – noting why it was considered insider trading and what the outcome was. 

4)  Provide a summary (in your own words) of the takeover process, include details of parties, documents and timeframes.  Provide an example of a recent takeover (can be local) and who the parties were, the offer etc

all quesion to use in own words.

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