System Lifecycle

Question 1

  1. Describe in overview the steps in the Waterfall Systems Development Lifecycle and the function of each step.
  2. Describe in detail what you would expect to find in a User Requirements Specification.

Question 2

In recent months, the problem of plastic waste has been making headlines all over the world with a number of countries taking drastic steps to reduce it.
Your assignment is to “Describe the problems related to plastic waste and propose solutions that could feasibly be implemented in your country.”

Question 3

“The law, the legal profession and the courts are there to serve the whole population, not just a small section of it. They should be as reflective of that population as it is possible to be.” – Brenda Hale, February 2018, Courts and Judiciary should reflect diversity of UK, The Guardian.

With reference to the statement above, discuss the necessity of the emphasis on judicial diversity and whether a diverse judiciary would arrive at a different decision than that of a conservative judiciary.

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