Supporting Children With Emotional Or Behavioral Disabilities

Read an article about supporting children with emotional or behavioral disabilities from a scholarly journal. One source of articles is the CU Research Guide. Our CU Librarian has included a link with a list of special education journals for your convenience.

Prepare a written summary of the article and carefully reflect on application for your own or your planned profession and early childhood setting (Word Document, typed, double spaced, 12 point font, two pages only, include a section for References using APA format)

Write a concise summary of the article and then create a list of specific strategies or interventions for working with special needs learners. Use examples from the article.

Reflect on:

  • Summarize the article and what you found valuable.
  • Include the name of the special education journal, date of publication, article title, author’s name, and page numbers
  • How will you use this information?

What specific strategies or interventions will you implement in your own early childhood setting?

  • Include a link to of the article with this assignment (or attach a copy of the article)
  • Include a Reference section and list this journal article

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Use APA formatting for in-text citations (quotes) and References.

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