Supplier Evaluation Skills

Question 1

Apply the concepts and strategies discussed throughout this course to an authentic scenario. You will employ supplier evaluation skills and make professional decisions while working through the details of this assignment.

From your course pack, please read the Spin Master Toys case study. In a Microsoft Word document, structure your case study with the following four sections. Please then upload your analysis below.

  1. Situational Analysis
    • What is the context?
    • Who is involved?
    • Who are all the key players?
    • What has happened?
  2. Problem Definition
    • What is the problem? If there are more than one, identify all of them
  3. Possible Options
    • What are possible alternatives on how to move forward?
    • What are the benefits and limitations of each option?
  4. Recommendation
    • What is your final recommendation on how to proceed?

Question 2

What online tools can be used to ethically compare pricing and negotiate the best pricing? How can these tools be used to a company’s advantage, and does it hurt the supplier profitability?

Your assignment should be at least two pages and use at least one source. Any citations must use APA format.

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