Supernatural World


Tales of Times Now Past: Tales of Buddhism in Japan

Describe the various manifestations of the supernatural world in at least three of these stories: “How E no Ubasoku Recited Spells and Employed Demonic Deities” (82); “How a Government Clerk of Higo Province Escaped a Rakshasa” (87); “How a Monk of the Dōjōji in the Province of Kii Copied the Lotus Sutra and Brought Salvation to Serpents” (93); “About a Man Who Copied the Lotus Sutra to Save the Soul of a Fox” (96); “How Kaya no Yoshifuji, of Bitchū Province, Became the Husband of a Fox and Was Saved by Kannon” (102); “How an Invisible Man Regained Corporeal Form through Kannon’s Aid” (110).


Compare and contrast between the  implementation of the security pillars (Confidentiality, integrity, and availability) on the IT cloud environment Vs. the physical IT data center environment? 


Describe the distribution challenges and opportunities that international markets present for one of the food products or brands that you like.

For example, Oreos, Haribo bears, KitKat



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