Summary Response essay

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For this fall assignment, you will be tasked with writing a 2-3 page summary/response on either a part of Cheaper by the Dozen or The Moon is Down.

Summary: Write at least a paragraph summarizing the part of the novels you would like to place your focus on. The summary should be the shortest part of your paper. If should only be about ¾ of a page at most. The summary should not contain your opinion.

Response: Write at least 1 page responding to your summary. This is where you show me what you can connect from our class content, your own experiences etc. Think synthesis. You can use as many sources as you would like to in your response (ie class lecture, you tube videos, experiences) citing the information clearly using APA style.

Papers will be due the last week of classes. You will have a “writing” day on Wednesday October 31st.

How can I get help? Remember, I have office hours and Matthew has tutoring hours. We would love to talk through your ideas and help you plan your paper.

Planning Space:

1) What novel would you like to use?

2) What episode/event/episodes/events/ would you like to summarize?

3) How will you respond? Class lecture? Youtube videos? Personal experience?

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