Summary Report Document

Question 1
This week we will be continuing our journey to develop and communicate a cyber-security improvement plan in our case study assignment for PureLand Chemical. We’ll be developing and submitting a description of the areas of weakness that will be the focus for improvements within the plan.

  • First, read Site Summary Report Pure Land Wastewater
  • Using the information in the Site Summary Report document and your own knowledge of Pure Land Wastewater, write a two-page summary of the security improvements you recommend for Pure Land chemical to ensure better security and compliance.
  • This recommended security improvements will be a part of your cyber-security improvement plan and you should strive to provide a clear and concise description of a minimum of five recommended improvement areas and what you recommend to improve security.
  • Submit your recommended security improvements document using the SafeAssign assignment link. The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment itself.

Question 2

Find something you consider is badly designed (a webpage, device, a service, etc.). Describe the item or service you selected. Why do you think is designed badly? Describe your struggles (or someone else) experiences with it. What can you do to improve it?

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