Sufficient Facts

Question 1

For this deliverable, you will assume that you have been asked to write a memorandum to update the HR manager about the research you have been conducting about Millennials as employees. 
When writing the memorandum, please remember to explain in the introduction paragraph why you are writing and foreground or roadmap what will be discussed in the body paragraph(s) in the email. In your body paragraph(s), make sure you are offering enough details, e.g. specifics about your research findings, so that a reader won’t have to guess or make assumptions about what it is that you are writing. In the conclusion, please remember to convey what’s next regarding your research and how it connects to other projects you are doing. Please remember to incorporate the memo header, which is the defining feature of a memorandum.

Question 2

Prepare a memorandum of not less than 3, but not more than 5, pages that:

  • Provides a brief summary of the relevant facts necessary for the analysis of the issues required to be analyzed in this memorandum
  • Provides an analysis of whether there are sufficient facts to support a finding of negligence – address all elements of the tort in your analysis
  • Provides an analysis of the type of damages that may be available based upon the fact pattern
  • Provides an analysis of viability of any affirmative defense that may be available to the defendant

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