Successor Task

Question 1

For a project manager, monitoring _____.

a. includes identifying and arranging project tasks and estimating completion times and costs

b. involves controlling capital

c. includes monitoring the progress of the project, evaluating results, and taking corrective action when necessary to stay on target

d. consists of staffing, which includes selecting the project team and assigning specific tasks to team members

Question 2

PERT/CPM is called a(n) ____ technique, because it analyzes a large, complex project as a series of individual tasks.

a. cataloging

b. bottom-up

c. top-down

d. indexed

Question 3

  • In addition to tasks, every project has ____, which are reference points used to monitor progress and manage the project.

a. Targets

b. Milestones

c. Workloads

d. Members

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