Successive Years

1) A ball is thrown down at 72 km h–1 speed from the top of a building. The building is 125 meters tall. The distance travelled before it reaches the ground is as follows: s= u0t + 1/2 gt^2
(a) Time for the ball to drop to fifth of the height of the building?
(b) Time for the ball to reach the ground?

2) A firm has 110 employees for the 1st week. The number rises by 6% per week. How many persons will be employed in the 20th week at current rate?

3) Contractor hires out a machine. In the first year of hiring the profit is £6000, but this diminishes by 5% in successive years. Show that the annual profits form a geometric progression and find the total of all the profit for the first 5 years?


Answer in 100 words.

1. If Nietzsche were alive today, would he describe the contemporary United States as being governed by master morality or slave morality? Explain, and be specific. 

2. Do you agree with Ortega’s claim that we are (as of 1929, when he wroteThe Revolt of the Masses) living in what he calls a hyperdemocracy? Explain. 

3. Do you agree that if “God does not exist, everything is permitted?” Why or why not? 

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