Substance and Alcohol Abuse


Finding Action Research

This discussion will help you determine what area you would like to focus on for the course project. If you have not already done so, read the Action Research Project overview and all of the related project activities. For the course project, you will use the action research process to examine an issue for a program at a human resources organization, based on an existing study that has been conducted on that issue for that organization. The purpose of your action research project will be to analyze the study and evaluate its data to create a plan to improve the quality of the organizational program and its performance.

In Unit 2, you will need to choose one of the following options as the basis for your course project:

  • An issue examined by an existing study on a real-world program at your current organization (or the organization where you wish to do your future doctoral research). For this option, you must make sure you are able to access sufficient information about the study, issue, program, and organization to complete the project activities. You must also consult your instructor if you wish to use a real-world issue and organization.
  • An issue that emerges from the data provided on a program for an organization presented within the Riverbend City: Action Research Topic multimedia presentation. For this option, you will need to work with the data and background from the Riverbend City scenario to develop an analysis of your own that would be equivalent to a study that has been conducted on the issue.

For either option, you may find you need more information for the project than is provided in the scenario or case study. If so, create realistic information, using your own local city or community population or data.

In your initial post to this discussion, discuss the issue or issues on which you might want to focus for the course project. Identify the issue and the option for the basis of the project (the real-world organization or the Riverbend City scenario) that you are considering.

Please note that you are not required to commit to an organization or issue at this time. The idea is simply to explore the areas that may be of interest to you.

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