Substance Abuse

APA format & No Plagiarism 2 pages

Volunteer or Social Service Learning Opportunity: For example, you can volunteer at an event with the Wounded Warrior Project or other military support program.

  • Locate a military program in which you can volunteer in a social service learning opportunity. You might lead an effort to send care packages to military personnel or military families. Think about a creative way that you could engage in a program to support military personnel and their families.
  • A. Describe the activity, what led you to choose that activity, and how you engaged in it.
  • B. Describe your experiences, benefits, limitations, and what you learned or gained from the activity.
  • C. Explain how the information you gained can help you in your role as a helping professional.

NOTE: Support Program:Operation Stand Down Tennessee


1.Activity: Operation WarmUp

2. Led: prior collaboration through Serenity House Women’s Shelter, Inc. and Serenity House was invited to participate in the activity.

3. Engage: by doing assessments of the veteran’s for services for Transitional Housing Program (THP) through HUD Rapid Rehousing and Basic Needs Items/Food.


1. Experience: (Make something up)

2. Benefits: helping those that are in need with compassion and empathy.

3. Limitations: Funding is limited and majority of homeless individuals do not have access to their DD214, legal documents for example legal ID, birth certificated etc. as well as mailing address but at Operation Stand Down homeless veteran’s are supplied with a mailbox at the facility.

4. Gained: there is a need of more affected programs and funding needed to help homeless veterans with mental health issues, substance abuse, permanent housing, employment, and applying for human services needs. Networking with other non-profit organizations that help homeless veteran’s for example Women Elevated (WE) a veteran outreach program and YAIPaks


1. As a future LMSW the information that I gained is that there still isn’t enough funding to help end homelessness. (Whatever you think that should go here. 

Please do a brief summary on below references please if you see fit especially Serenity House, Operation Stand Down Tennessee, and VA Homeless.

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