Strategy Theories

CASE: Accommodating Value Innovation (p289-291, Strategic Management, Developing Sustainability in Southern Africa, Eds. Louw & Venter, 3rd edition)

Answer the case questions at end of the case study (p323 same text book).
When the student exits this module, he/she will be able to:
• Demonstrate advanced insight in respect of the application of contemporary business strategy theories and approaches.
• Evaluate the existing strategy analysis, strategy development and strategy implementation within an enterprise and the development of tacit knowledge for the purpose of developing and implementing customised business strategies.
• Demonstrate advanced knowledge of cutting-edge strategic management methodologies and strategy implementation principles for the purpose of creating sustainable competitive advantage.
• Analyse and reflect on current structural arrangements to continuously shape the internal operating environment of the organisation for the purpose of creating the best fit (efficiency).
• Demonstrate the ability to change strategies within a changing operational and contextual environment for the purpose of creating the best fit (effectiveness).
TOTAL: [100]

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