Strategy and Tactics


  • Pertinent information (400–600 words) (Probable negotiation tactics, nature of current relationships)
    • Relationships and interdependence
      • Discuss the importance of relationships in negotiations.
      • Describe at least 2 tactics for managing conflict in negotiations.
  • Interests, desires, and motivations (400–600 words)
    • Strategy and tactics
      • Compare and contrast distributive and integrative negotiations.
      • Based on your research, discuss at least 2 integrative negotiation skills or tactics.
      •  Use this template to complete this portion of the assignment. 


An open box has a rectangle base and its height is equal to the length of the shortest side of the base. What dimensions give a volume of 16000 cubic centimeters using 3200 square centimeters of material .


You are 40 years old and plan to retire in exactly 20 years. starting 21 years from now you will need to withdraw $5,000 per year from your retirement fund to supplement your social security payment. if you expect to live to age eighty-five how much should you place in the retirement fund each year for the next 20 years to reach your retirement goal, assuming you can earn 12% per year on your retirement fund investment?

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