Strategic Success

Unit 9: Final Your Final requires you to evaluate the compensation plan of a real-world organization. You may use your present employer, a past employer, or an organization that you would like to work for in the future as a model for this project. Your Final is due Tuesday of Unit 9 at midnight ET. Use at least four credible or scholarly research articles (not to exceed 20% of content) to support thoughts. Evaluate the compensation plan available at your selected organization. Your project should reflect the skills and knowledge that you will develop throughout this course. Your evaluation should discuss the strategic successes and failures of the compensation with regard to the following topics:

1. The strategic value of the plan as a source of competitive advantage

2. The internal alignment structures used to implement the plan

3. The external strategies used to implement the plan

4. The use of incentives in the plan

5. The function of benefits in the plan

6. The way labor costs are managed, including the processes and structures used

7. The way the plan is communicated throughout the organization You have had the opportunity to evaluate various aspects of your selected organization throughout this course in the form of unit Assignments. Although your Final will not be a simple compilation of your weekly unit Assignments, the individual Assignments should serve to provide you with foundational information for your Final. Your evaluation should be submitted in a 10–12 page paper (not including cover page and references) and formatted according to APA guidelines.

Assignment Checklist:

1. Assess the strategic value of the plan as a source of competitive advantage.

2. Evaluate the internal alignment structures of the plan.

3. Appraise the external strategies used to execute the plan.

4. Evaluate incentives in the plan.

5. Assess the role of benefits in the plan.

6. Appraise the processes and structures used to manage labor costs. 7. Evaluate the means of communicating the plan to the employees.

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