Strategic Partner

Question 1    (Marks: 100)
Today the HR professional is considered necessary by managers and executives and plays the role of a strategic partner, an employee advocate as well a change mentor.
The recruitment requirements for your HR executives have thus changed considerably and an increased need for the following skills has been noticed:

  •  Technology skills has increased and in many countries this HR skill is very much in demand;
  •  Change management as more and more people are needing a flexible working environment;
  •  The ability to foster culture and change the behaviour and work pattern of employees;
  •  Consulting and coaching skills are often a requirement to help drive the team’s performance or to diagnose and resolve issues for a leader or a team.

So as an HR expert, taking into account the above, choose a company/ organisation/ government department of your choice, research about this company and in a well-balanced essay, address the following.
1. Describe the different type of roles that the human resource consultants play in the company/organisation/ government department of your choice.
2. Discuss the process of human resource planning that is undertaken to ensure that the organisation’s current and future needs are met.
3. Examine the different dimensions of personality and elaborate on the most ideal personality types that should be employed in the organisation of your choice. Provide reasons to justify your answer.
4. Describe an ideal orientation programme for new employees.

Question 2

Moira works from her house as a bereavement counsellor. She has a dedicated room at the back of the house, from which she provides counselling to her clients. This room was specifically chosen for its peaceful position, which is essential for her work. New residents have moved into a house next to Moira’s house. These residents run a business from an outbuilding in their back garden that involves the use of noisy machinery. This machinery is used every day, including at weekends and during anti-social hours. Moira’s bereavement counselling business is being adversely affected as a result.

(a) Identify, with justification, the tort relevant to this situation. (4)

(b) Explain briefly the two most appropriate legal remedies available to Moira. (6)

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