Strategic Global Marketing

Faculty of Arts Business & Social Sciences – Assessment Brief for Students – 2021/ 2022

Module code and titleStratigic Global Marketing
Module leaderDr Thomas Magede
DietFirst attempt
Assessment typeIndividual Report
Submission dateSee CANVAS
Submission methodUploaded on to Canvas
Assessment limitsMaximum 4500 words management consultancy style report
Assessment weighting100%
Assessment brief (if appropriate, please refer to module assessment briefing document)
Assessment format – Report You will be allocated an organisation (or may be asked to select one) who are looking to increase their engagement in international trading. The business will already be undertaking some limited export operations and be interested/engaged in procuring products from overseas. You are required to undertake suitable research to identify new international market opportunities for the business and to suggest opportunities for purchasing components/materials/products from overseas. Your research should cover micro and macro factors and should form the basis of recommendations for screening overseas markets to choose a suitable market to engage with. Your research should inform an international engagement plan which outlines the necessary strategic approaches and operational activities, to achieve the businesses objectives. Your report should be underpinned by relevant theory and all recommendations should be fully justified. Your report should include the following: A description of the organisation and situational analysis. This should include its products/services, market conditions/issues, competitive landscape. You should focus on the organisation’s strengths including what would the justification be for the business to expand further internationally? (10%)Detail the macro and micro criteria and other marketing factors that would be

relevant to narrow down the choice of potential markets and subsequently profile the markets. You should state why these criteria are relevant to the organisation and its market research in the new market selection? Please note you need to use both macro and micro criteria here that are relevant to the organisation and the market. (10%)

  • Using detailed and relevant macro and micro criteria you should screen the number of countries down from all available markets in the world to profile your final selected country. The business may already be trading with this country in a very limited way or it may be a completely new area. You need to detail why the chosen country is relevant (including references to issues such as manufacturing opportunities, competitors, distribution networks, key market profiles within the country and other international strategic issues). You should use a recognised International Marketing theoretical framework, research data and statistics to reinforce your analysis. (30%)
  • You should create an international engagement plan to demonstrate how the organisation should penetrate the country/market that you have selected. Your plan should reflect the organisation’s objectives, recommend a suitable market entry strategy, and align with its overall strategic direction. Your plan should consider potential competitor activities in the selected country. The plan should focus on marketing mix issues, brand/product modifications, and effective (digital) marketing communications. You should also include a section outlining suitable processes for monitoring and control. (30%)
  • Discuss using research on the chosen country market which other products or services will make success the launch of this new organisation/ product in this market. Your recommendations and justifications should be supported with statistics. (20%)

This should be in report format including double spacing.

The percentages indicated at the end of points 1, 2 3, & 4 above indicate the weighting which will be given to each area when conducting the assessment. You will be given an overall grade, which reflects the comprehensive nature and effectiveness of your report and plan.

Please note

  • You need to include both macro and micro criteria in the evaluation of the markets and failure to include both will affect your final grade.
  • More information regarding the organisation and application of relevant theories will be provided through learning sessions and on canvas.
Assessment Criteria (The actual assessment components for this assignment)
CriteriaWeighting (If applicable)
Please see the feedback sheet available on Canvas for more detail of how to apply these criteria into your work   Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the theoretical issues involved in international marketing strategy including the use of models or concepts to illustrate your answer.   Include current data and evidence of appropriate application of international marketing concepts   Justify the selection of a suitable market using suitable macro and micro criteria, which are relevant to the chosen product/company.   Produce a comprehensive and logical plan, which follows a suitable strategy; outlines appropriate market entry methods; and provides operational recommendations for an appropriate international marketing mix assembly.   The report is presented in the form of a management consultancy style report and is clear and concise, with suitable use of references and appendices      30%     20%     10%     30%       10%
Pass markPostgraduate  50%
Performance descriptors in use; University of Wolverhampton   Yes
Professional or Statutory BodyChartered Institute of MarketingYes
Module specific Yes
Other (specify below) No □
Return of assessments (Instructions for return / collection of assessments)Feedback for the assessment will be made available on individual basis within 4 working weeks from the hand in date.
 This assessment is testing Module Learning outcomesTick if tested here
LO1Examine the strategic issues affecting an organisation’s success in the global marketing area.yes
LO2Analyse contemporary global marketing strategy and practices across a variety of industries and products/services to understand how decisions and research is underpinned by recognised international models and theoriesyes
LO3Evaluate the strategic factors impacting on the decision to go global with marketing and evaluate their individual impacts on the supply chain i.e. logistics or make or buy decisions.yes
L04Critically analyse the totality of global marketing decisions and their effect on the success of the business to business strategy adoptedyes

Additional information for students

The University’s Learning Information Services has produced a series of guides covering a range of topics to support your studies, and develop your academic skills including a guide to academic referencing

Your module guide and course handbook contain additional and important information regarding;

  • The required referencing style for your assignment.*

Whilst many modules require referencing in accordance with the Harvard Referencing convention, some modules – for example those within the School of Law – require Oxford Referencing. Please familiarise yourself with the requirements of your module.

  • Submission of your work
    • Marking, feedback and moderation in accordance with the University of Wolverhampton Assessment Handbook
    • Extensions on submission dates *
    • Additional support *
    • Academic conduct with regards to cheating, collusion or plagiarism *
    • Links to appropriate sources of relevant information *

* Further information regarding these and other policies can be accessed through your student portal on

Always keep a copy of your work and a file of working papers

The requirement to keep a file of working papers is important. There may be circumstances where it is difficult to arrive at a mark for your work. If this is the case, you may be asked to submit your file and possibly meet with your tutor to answer questions on your submission.

When you submit your work you will be required to sign an important declaration confirming that:

  • The submission is your own work
    • Any material you have used has been acknowledged and appropriately referenced
    • You have not allowed another student to have access to your work
    • The work has not been submitted previously.

The following information is important when:

  • Preparing for your assignment
    • Checking your work before you submit it
    • Interpreting feedback on your work after marking.

Module Learning Outcomes

Module Learning Outcomes are specific to this module, and are set when the module was validated.

Assessment Criteria

The module Learning Outcomes tested by this assignment, and precise criteria against which your work will be marked are outlined in your assessment brief.

Performance Descriptors

Performance descriptors indicate how marks will be arrived at against each of the assessment criteria. The descriptors indicate the likely characteristics of work that is marked within the percentage bands indicated.

To help you further:

  • Re-sit opportunities are available for students who are unable to take the first sit opportunity, or who need to re take any component.
  • Refer to the VLE topic for contact details of your module leader / tutor, tutorial inputs, recommended reading and other sources, etc. Resit details will also appear on the VLE module topic.
  • The University’s Learning Information Services offer support and guidance to help you with your studies and develop your academic skills

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