Stock Market Game

Question 1

Invest: Choose 5–10 companies of your choice to invest your $100,000. Now apply what you have learned about the stock market to the Stock Market Game; complete a six-week stock market game simulation.

  1. Go to the howthemarketworks and WallStreetSurvivor websites have stock market simulation games and you will have the choice of which one you would like to use. You will have to sign up for a free account in order to start this project. Make sure you visit both sites and pick which one you would like to work with. When selecting your game, you will have the option to join a class or play individually. Select play individually.
  2. Be sure to read the directions on how to play the game, and go to the help screen if you ever have questions. Be sure to contact your teacher if you have any problems with the website or the game.
  3. While playing the game, be sure to stay active. You will want to check your stock’s progress DAILY and follow the news to get information on your company.
  4. Give a weekly report for as long as you play the game for your companies. For at least four of your companies, write a weekly summary on the business, earnings statements, or any news having an impact on your company’s share prices. Create a table with a report summary for each company for each week during the six-week period.
  5. Include your reports and summaries in the second part of your Research Project.

Question 2

Deliverable: Minimum 350 word summary of what you learned/saw in this show that directly relates to in Entrepreneurial Finance.

Note the exact episode being viewed;

Specifically describe at least three things in the Episode that directly relate to what we have been studying in EF this semester, and how they support/agree with, or contradict/disagree with, our course content. Grading will focus on demonstration of critical thinking (accuracy, logic, clarity of communication).

Writeups must be written and proof-read to meet business correspondence standards (correct spelling, grammar, vocabulary usage, punctuation, etc.)

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