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Below is a chi-square and Cramer’s V statistic from Maricopa County’s Sheriff Offices’ Annual Report (2014-2015). The tables tests the relationship between whether a driver had an item seized by that driver’s race. The chi-square is significant, so a relationship exists. What does this tell us about the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office? How does the Cramer’s V weigh in here? In other words, according to this data, does MCSO discriminate based on race? If so, which races and how much does race account for seizures?

Driver post-stop perceived race or ethnicity
White Unknown Native American Hispanic Black Asian Total
Driver item seized – No 18747 271 401 5671 1988 569 27647
Driver item seized – Yes 268 2 23 131 47 5 476
Total 19015 273 424 5802 2035 574 28123
Chi-Square 64.29 **
Cramer’s V 0.048 **

+ p < 0.10; * p <0.05; ** p < 0.01

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