State of Mind

Question 1

Answer each question with at 300 words and 2 references, APA style, PLEASE SEPARATE EACH DISCUSSION ANSWER

1. Choose one of the five parts of The Waste Land and trace out the use of two of the three techniques discussed in this lesson in Eliot (fragmentation, juxtaposition, allusion). How does Eliot make the transition from scene to scene? Does there seem to be one speaker or two? How do we make a sense of meaning out of the rush of words?

2. Examine how Anderson and Fitzgerald use external symbolism to reveal their characters’ states of mind. What type of reading demands does this approach make on the audience?

3. How do Hemingway and Porter use internal symbolism to convey a character’s state of mind?

Question 2

·Discuss on differing ways to install an operating system.

·Cover some of the history of the evolution of the operating system. Go over various features of the different Windows operating systems and their revisions.

·Prepare a two page report on :

oHow to identify different operating system revisions and the changes in features

oWhich revision of an operating system would pair best with what hardware

oChoose what operating system would go best for different users and organizations.

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