Stakeholder Management Plan

Use the same format as the Stakeholder Management Plan Template

2nd page – description and purpose of the plan AND description of each stakeholder (reference material is attached)

The SOW for this 10-month project lists the following requirements:

  • design the new store building, garage, parking lots, and landscaping
  • obtain required licenses and permits
  • prepare the site and lay the foundation
  • construct the new store building and finish the interior
  • construct the garage and garden center
  • outfit the store with shelves, fixtures, and IT systems (e.g., communications and payment systems)
  • pave the parking lots and landscape the exterior of the store
  • stock the store with inventory (For this project, stick to a storewide, high-level inventory budget, though you may have to make estimates based on different product categories, such as lumber, hardware, appliances, etc.)
  • staff, hire, and train store personnel

The SOW specifically notes that your project scope does not include the following:

  • marketing or publicity
  • other actions and costs related to operation of the new store

This 10-month project will require that you and your team create the following deliverables within the time frames described in this project, using standard templates provided in subsequent steps by TCS management. These steps will ensure that the new store is fully operational by the target date.

Stakeholder Management Plan – The plan should identify potential stakeholders by their general role, such as CFO, local government official, vice president of marketing, etc. See Project Information document for potential stakeholders. Please provide a description of a stakeholder management plan and its purpose. A brief description of each stakeholder role is also needed.

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